Mid-Wood Incorporated Membership
Mid-Wood Incorporated is a farmer owned cooperative. Everyone is welcome to do business at Mid-Wood. However, if you are actively involved in production agriculture, we invite you to apply for membership in our farmer owned cooperative. When you become a farmer-member of Mid-Wood, Inc., you become an owner. As a member, you are entitled to vote on all matters that may come before the membership, and you become eligible to run for the Board of Directors.

Message from Tom L. Dorman, President/CEO

Mid-Wood, Inc. is a growing company and prides itself with a cooperative spirit. While many business options exist today for you to choose from, we hope you will choose Mid-Wood, Inc. for all your farm and home needs, and join us as a member of the co-op. I hope your experience here at Mid-Wood, Inc. is a pleasant one and meets your satisfaction.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding becoming a member, please contact:
Tom Dorman at (419) 352-5231 or (800) 818-0968 
tom.dorman@mid-wood .com

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