Among Mid-Wood, Inc.'s most vital concerns are the safety, health, and well being of its employees and all people who come into contact with its workforce, property and/or its products, and services.  It is our goal to provide a healthy, satisfying work environment that promotes personal opportunities for growth. Furthermore, our employees have the right to work with persons free from the effects of alcohol and/or drugs.

Mid-Wood, Inc. does not intend to intrude into the private lives of its employees. However, involvement with illegal drugs by employees, off the job as well as on the job, can have a negative impact on the workplace, fellow employees, and customers. Therefore, Mid-Wood, Inc. requires that all employees report for work with no illegal drugs in their bodies and free of all adverse effects of alcohol misuse.

The company encourages employees to seek professional assistance any time for personal problems, including alcohol or drug dependency, that adversely affect their ability to perform their assigned duties.

Supervisors are dedicated to the fair and equitable application of this policy. They are required to apply all aspects of this policy and to use it in an unbiased and impartial manner.

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