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services AT our bowling green store

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John Krukemyer, Store Manager
12818 East Gypsy Lane
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Phone: (419) 352-5231 (option #1)
Toll free at 1-800-818-0968 (option #1)
Fax: (419) 352-5912 
Cell: (419) 308-8074                                               

Email Address: john.krukemyer@mid-wood.com


Sunday           10-3
(Seasonal April-June)
Mon - Fri          8-6
Saturday          8-4


I see YELLOW must be time for Step 2       5/4/15

If you would like to receive FREE lawn care advice and alerts please email me and I will get you on our DIY Lawn Care database.

Step 2 is what the industry calls Weed & Feed.  It kills the broadleaf weeds by contact, so the impregnated fertilizer must stay in contact with the leaf tissue for a couple of days to get a complete kill.  It will also fertilize for 6-8 weeks (depending on the weather).  Step 2 is a little tricky to apply correctly, so please follow the directions below that fit your lawn and your situation.  Remember we want at least 3-4 weeks between applications of Steps.
Established lawn with few to no weeds. This is the easy one, apply the Step 2 at any time in almost any weather, except in excess heat (80 plus degrees), high winds, or just prior to heavy rain.
Established lawn with weeds. This one is tricky to get the best results.  Apply Step 2 a couple days after you have mowed and when the weeds are damp or wet (after heavy dew works well).  We need to have the weeds wet so that the leafy tissue of the weed will absorb the fertilizer with the weed killer.  Make sure that you do not mow or have the possibility of rain for a couple days after you apply Step 2, as this will knock the weed killer off the weeds.   For the few broadleaf weeds that may not be killed with Step 2, you should use a liquid broadleaf weed killer, only on those weeds. 
We have many liquid broadleaf weed killers to choose from, some are ready to use, others need to be mixed with water and applied with a hose end, tank type or pull type sprayer, and some have their own sprayer that hooks up to your garden hose.  Just remember to spray on a calm day with temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. 
Caution.  Remember not to get Step 2 or the liquid weed killer on or near your gardens, flowers, trees or ornamentals.  They could be damaged, so avoid these.  Also if you will be reseeding your lawn, do not apply Step 2 to that area for at least 3 mows of the new seed.

Here is a picture of our Weed & Feed Test plot at Bowling Green.  Step 2 applied 4/30/2015, notice the section in the center that has ONE dandelion.  All around the treated area are thousands of Dandelions in the untreated area.  Step 2 really works !!!!!

Have more questions?  Please contact me with any Questions or Concerns.   John Krukemyer    @ john.krukemyer@mid-wood.com 

Thanks for Keeping It Local !!!!!!!

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