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services AT our bowling green store

Contact Information:                                                           
John Krukemyer, Store Manager
12818 East Gypsy Lane
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Phone: (419) 352-5231 (option #1)
Toll free at 1-800-818-0968 (option #1)
Fax: (419) 352-5912 
Cell: (419) 308-8074                                               

Email Address: john.krukemyer@mid-wood.com


Sunday           10-3
(Seasonal April-June)
Mon - Fri          8-6
Saturday          8-4


It's Almost Time......Time for Step 1 that is       3/28/15

It is almost time for us to put down Step 1, a slow release lawn fertilizer with a crabgrass pre-emergent.  If you would like to receive the FREE notices and alerts, please email john.krukemyer@mid-wood.com to get signed up.  Did you see FREE?  Yep, by signing up today you will never miss out on what's happening with your yard, do what to appling, when to be applying, how to apply it and most importantly why you are apllying it.  Have the lawn you have been dreaming of and the talk of the neighborhood.


Step 1 will control both Large and Smooth Crabgrass by placeing a barrier chemical on the top soil.  The most common is Large as seen in the above picture. As the seeds try to grow through this barrier it will be killed.  Crabgrass likes to infultrate thin unhealthy turf normally in sandier soils but can be found in clay as well.  Even though the plant will germinate when soil temps reach 55 degrees it usually is not noticeable till later in the summer when our  good turf starts to slow down due to the summer heat and drought, which crabgrass thrives on.  It grows low to the ground from a center shoot than will have a redish color to it.  The most tale sign is the 5 finger seed head, which can produce over 100,000 seeds per plant!!  Now is the easiest and cheapest way to control this weed so don't delay get signed up today to be sure your timeing is perfect.

Have more questions?  Please contact me with any Questions or Concerns.   John Krukemyer    @ john.krukemyer@mid-wood.com 

Thanks for Keeping It Local !!!!!!!

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